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Hi! Are you interested in being a volunteer for BOBCATSSS 2014? Go to Local info -> Volunteer  download our application form and read more! Until next time, Narcisa

DIK Association

We at BOBCATSSS 2014 are proud to present the DIK Association as one of our sponsors. The DIK Association is a trade union for academics in the fields of documentation, information and culture. There are many professions that work in these fields such as librarians, speech therapists, archivists, copywriters, musicians and curators among many, many other professions. There are currently […]

Gothenburg Book Fair

Bobcatsss 2014 are proud to present Gothenburg Book Fair as one of our sponsors. The Fair of 2013 will take place 26-29 september and the theme is Romanian culture and literature. This will be seen in the presentations and guests. The Swedish Bobcatsss-team will be represented at the Digital Square, where we will instruct and inform participants about E-books. Visit […]


We are proud to present Bibliotekscentrum Sverige AB as an official sponsor of Bobcatsss 2014. Bibliotekscentrum (“Library centre”) started in 1989, and has its main office in the city of Växjö. They are one of the leading companies in delivering library systems in the Nordic countries. Among their products are Micromarc, WagnerGUIDE , Percico and FFB. Bibliotekscentrum will attend the […]

3rd Call for papers and other issues

Hi! Yesterday our Third call for papers went put and now it’s less then a month to submit an abstract. I know we said we would try to inspire you, and I did try but all I wrote just felt like narrowing down the subthemes, and then I decided not to do it. Also we said you could tell us […]

The second call for papers

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The second call for papers is now out! Do you want to receive the third call? Leave a comment or send us an e-mail regarding the question and we can add you to our list. Too much on your mind? Don’t know which path to choose? Don’t worry! We will try to inspire you in the weeks to come. Until […]

First call

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During these last few weeks we have worked a lot with the fist call and as of this day, May 6th, the first call is out! Besides working with the first call we have also decided to go digital for the conference! This means less printed material, but an app for all those with smartphones or tablets. We hope this […]

On the road to Bobcatsss 2014

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All teams are working hard to please all expectations! Main topic, subtopics are all under discussion! What subjects are you interested in talking about? Share your thoughts!

Work in progress!

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We are proud to announce that the 22th BOBCATSSS symposium will take place in Barcelona, Spain January 2014. We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona!