DIK Association

We at BOBCATSSS 2014 are proud to present the DIK Association as one of our sponsors. The DIK Association is a trade union for academics in the fields of documentation, information and culture. There are many professions that work in these fields such as librarians, speech therapists, archivists, copywriters, musicians and curators among many, many other professions. There are currently around 22 000 members in the DIK Associaton.

This year the DIK Association have worked extra hard with communicating to different branches, such as IT and telecom, that professionals in the humanities have the right competences to get employed by those branches. For instance they presented at a seminar, at the Almedalen Week, an archaeologist who got employed as a process leader because the competences she got from working with archaeology matched the competences needed for the process leader position. It showed that it’s more importantr to look at competence rather than education when it comes to employing new personnel.

In the DIK Association there’s also a very active student board – DIK Student. This year they have put their focus on investigating how much practical experience their student members get during their education. A report was written during spring 2013 and presented at the Almedalen Week in the same year.

Get to know DIK even further here.

And DIK student.

/Sofia Lundgren

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