LexisNexis is a global leading provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed especially for – as their tagline say – “professionals who shape the world”; legal, government, risk management, corporate, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets.

Among their many services they, for instance, offer risk solutions. This to help their costumers with verify identity, prevent fraud, comply with legislation, facilitate and secure commerce and support law enforcements and homeland security initiatives.

Also, they offer Total Solutions, which means that they help their customers with winning their own marketplace. This by delivering innovative products and services to address specific customer needs in order to improve productivity, increase profitability and stimulate growth.

Not to forget, they’re also sponsor of BOBCATSSS and especially the Pub Quiz where they provide the technology and prizes – really, really nice prizes.

The first prize was actually two prizes; the winning team won umbrellas, a fitting prize considering the thunderstorm that hit Barcelona during the pub quiz. The team also won 200 euro, which they decided to donate to the organizing universities next years BOBCATSSS-students.

The second and third prizes were thermos mugs good for bringing coffee or tea to a picnic in the parks or for sightseeing the wonderful city of Barcelona.

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