Keynote speakers

Jutta Haider

How Library and Information Science can save the world and why to care!

Portrait of Jutta HaiderIn her presentation she will focus on two interconnected issues. Firstly, she will argue for Library and Information Science’s unique suitability to function as a nexus between professions, policy makers and different research disciplines. Secondly, she will outline how informing about the environment, including on environmental protection and destruction, needs to be (re)framed in a way that deeply inscribes it into practices of everyday life.

Jutta Haider is a Senior Lecturer in Information Studies at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences at Lund University, Sweden. She holds a doctorate from the Department of Information Science, City University, London, UK and has a magister degree in philology from Vienna University.

Her research focuses on digital cultures’ emerging conditions for production, use and distribution of knowledge as well as on environmental information. Issues connected to social responsibility and sustainability run like a red thread through her research, including research on notions of information poverty, open access and development, or most recently revolving around information and environmental concerns.

Lluís Anglada i de Ferrer

Are libraries sustainable in a world of free, digital and networked information?

Portrait of IIuis AngladaThis presentation will focus on the sustainability of the physical library in a networked world. The existence of library buildings is seldom questioned and they are deeply entrenched in democratic societies. However, they have always been associated with physical documents (manuscripts or print) and as our society is shifting to a landscape of digital and networked information the question arises if the need for libraries will disappear too? The sustainability of libraries is related to costs, their utility and their perceived value. The lecture will try to say something interesting about this.

Lluís Anglada i de Ferrer is the Director of the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia. He is active in several professional associations and committees at Catalan and Spanish level. He is also a member of the Library Advisory Board for Nature Publishing Group and Elsevier and has been a member of the OCLC Global Council between 2009 and 2012, as well as serving in the Cost Sharing Models Task Force of the OCLC Global Council.

Lluís Anglada also blogs about cooperation and technology in libraries and is the coordinator of another blog that summarizes library technical reports. He is experienced in writing articles and giving talks on new trends in librarianship, new technologies and libraries, as well as on cooperation and quality insurance.