Previous conferences

List of all the Bobcatsss conferences, with their themes and locations:


2013 Ankara, Turkey
From Collections to Connections: Turning Libraries “Inside-Out”
with the subtopics “Serving Society in a Digital Age“,
“Information Professionals as Change-Agents“, “Designing New Library Spaces“,
“Mobile Information Services“ and “Developing New Competencies“.
Hacettepe University, Turkey and
Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

2012 Amsterdam, Holland
Information in e-motion with the subtopics “E-media in Motion”,
“My Information”, “Organisations 2.0” and “Access to Public Information”.

2011 Szombathely, Hungary
Finding new ways

2010 Parma, Italy
Bridging the digital divide: libraries providing access for all?
University of Parma, Italy and
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

2009 Porto, Portugal
Challenges for the new information professional
University of Tampere, Finland and
University of Porto, Portugal.

2008 Zadar, Croatia
Providing access to information for everyone
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany,
University of Osijek, Croatia,
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany and
University of Zadar, Croatia.
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2007 Prague, Czech Republic
Marketing of Information Services
Charles University, Czech Republic,
Media University Stuttgart, Germany and
University of Applied Sciences Konstanz, Germany.

2006 Tallinn, Estonia
Information, Innovation, Responsibility:
Information professional in the Network Society
Tallinn University, Estonia and
Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

2005 Budapest, Hungary
Librarianship in the information age
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and
Oslo University College, Norway

2004 Riga, Latvia
Library and Information in Multicultural Societies,
University College of Borås, Sweden and
University of Latvia.

2003 Torun, Poland
Information Policy and the European Union
Universitas Nicolai Copernici Torun, Poland and
Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands

2002 Portoroz, Slovenia
Hum@n Beings and Information Specialists.
Future Skills, Qualifications, Positioning
Filozofska fakulteta – Oddelek za bibliotekarstvo Ljubljana, Slovenia and
University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Germany

2001 Vilnius, Lithuania
Knowledge, Information and Democracy in the Open Society:
the Role of the Library and Information Sector
Oslo University College, Norway and
Vilnius University, Lithuania

2000 Krakow, Poland
Intellectual Property versus The Right to Knowledge?
Royal School of Librarianship, Denmark

1999 Bratislava, Slovakia
Learning Society – Learning Organisation – Lifelong Learning
University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Germany,
University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany and
University of Bratislava, Slovakia

1998 Budapest, Hungary
Shaping the Knowledge Society
Royal School of Librarianship, Denmark

1997 Budapest Hungary
New Book Economy / International Symposium Marketing and
Developing New Information Products and Services in Europe
Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1996 Budapest, Hungary
Quality of Information Services
Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1995 Budapest, Hungary
Marketing and Development of New
Information Products and Services in Europe
Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands

1994 Budapest, Hungary
The Future of Librarianship
Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands

1993 Budapest, Hungary
The Role of Libraries Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands